Schizophrenia: From Lab Bench to Clinical Practice

Pint of Science, Manchester, 15th May 2017 In mid-May BAP members Peter Haddad, Jo Neill and Lisa Heaney spoke in a city centre pub in Manchester in a lively and interactive public engagement session entitled ‘Schizophrenia: From Lab Bench to Clinical Practice’. The presentations highlighted the importance of translational preclinical work and how research findings […]

Antipsychotic medication and weight gain

Introductio­­n This article, written primarily for people with mental health problems and their carers, is about weight gain with antipsychotic medication. Antipsychotics are a group of drugs that are mainly used to treat schizophrenia and manic episodes in bipolar disorder. In both conditions, they are effective in treating symptoms and reducing the risk of a […]

BOOK REVIEW: My Brain is Out of Control: Memoirs of a Doctor as a Patient by Dr Patrick Mbaya

Book Review: My Brain is Out of Control

“I had a triple whammy: my illness and the two serious antibiotic complications of low white cell count and severe acute hepatitis” In this memoir Dr Patrick Mbaya, a consultant psychiatrist, gives a personal account of his diagnosis, treatment and recovery from a brain abscess and its complications including depression.  What makes the book especially […]