SYMPOSIUM 2: The psychopharmacology of emerging calcium channel targets

Calcium ions (Ca2+) are universal intracellular messengers and, through selectively permeable calcium channels, can mediate and drive many important physiological processes. However, excessive calcium channel activation can lead to excitotoxicity within cells. Thus, it is imperative that the opening of these channels is well and precisely regulated. Altered calcium function has become of recent interest […]

SHORT ORAL SESSION 1: Mechanisms of anxiety and its treatment

The second to last sitting before the BAP conference dinner gave attendees the choice between three excellent short oral sessions. The mechanisms of anxiety and its treatment session included four speakers and covered a wide of interesting approaches to study anxiety, from functional imaging in humans through to gene expression in non-human primates. First up […]

SPECIAL SESSION: Challenges in managing depression

The focus of this year’s special session was addressing different challenges faced by psychiatry in managing depression. First out was Prof Elias Eriksson with his talk titled ‘Challenging the perception that antidepressants don’t work’. He started by providing a brief background regarding certain studies and views that question the efficacy of SSRIs. These opinions have […]