Symposium 8 – The orexinergic system of the brain and its importance for neuropsychiatry

Chaired by: Professor Elemer Szabadi (Nottingham) Professor Jyrki Kukkonen (Helsinki): Neuroanatomy and physiology of the orexinergic system. Professor Kukkonen kicked-off this session on Wednesday morning by giving us a comprehensive overview of the orexinergic system. We learned that orexins were discovered by 2 groups independently, within weeks of each other, around 20 years ago, in […]

Psychopharmacology Awards – Winners’ Short Orals

This session, in which winners of the Psychopharmacology Awards present their work, always has high attendance and this year was no exception. Dr Tom Freeman, the winner of the junior non-clinical award, presented on the role of cannabinoids in the development and treatment of addiction. He noted that recent policy changes in the UK have […]

Symposium 7 – What do computational models tell us about cognition in depression and psychosis?

This symposium discussed how computational models could be used to explore decision-making and prediction learning in psychiatric disorders. By including computational modelling in our analyses we can identify and quantify key parameters, which are not visible to traditional analyses, and can often be successfully linked to the function of underlying neural systems or to clinically […]