Cheltenham Science Festival 2011 – Schizophrenia

The British Association for Psychopharmacology (BAP) organised a session
at the 2011 Cheltenham Science Festival that explored Schizophrenia. The
session, held in the town hall on 8th June, proved extremely popular with
a ‘full house’. Professor Kathy Sykes, Festival Director, chaired
the session that comprised presentations by three speakers, Marjorie Wallace,
Dr Peter Haddad and Professor Gavin Reynolds. Following the presentations
there was a lively question-and-answer session which continued in an informal
manner in the ‘talking booth’. Members of the audience raised
many pertinent questions and several discussed their personal experience
of living with schizophrenia or having a relative who had been affected
by the illness. These personal testimonies were extremely powerful and highlighted
a range of issues including both positive and negative experiences of NHS
care, stigma and how some sufferers had strived to successfully overcome
their illness and lead as full a life as possible. The session was a great
success both in terms of the number of attendees, the audience interaction
and the quality of the presentations and discussion. A summary of the three
presentations is provided below.