2020 Election for BAP Officers and Council Members

The following vacancies will arise on BAP Council in July:

President Elect Professor Kevin Fone will become President.
Meetings Secretary Professor Mitul Mehta will retire from Council, having completed a 4 year term.
Council Member Dr Paul Stokes will retire from Council, having completed a 4 year term.
Council Member Professor Angela Roberts will retire from Council, having completed a 4 year term.

Nominations are invited from Full, Early Career, Honorary or Retired Full Members for the above posts and should be supported by two Full, Early Career, Honorary or Retired Full Members. Separate emails should be sent to Susan Chandler from the Proposer, Seconder and Nominee, to arrive no later than THURSDAY 21 MAY.

If you are thinking about seeking nomination and would like to talk to a current member of Council about what’s involved, please contact and she will put you in touch with an officer or Council member.

Voting will be online via the website only. The results will be announced at the Annual General Meeting on Monday 20 July in London.

The BAP aims to represent the interests of all psychopharmacologists. Council asks Members to bear this in mind when making nominations for the election, to ensure a balance of expertise. Please refer to the BAP Equality and Diversity Statement


All nominees must provide a mini-biography and statement of intent by the nomination deadline.

Council Members serve a 4-year term

Council Meetings

Three each year: March (London, full day), July (Sunday morning in association with the Summer Meeting), October/November (London, full afternoon).


Council Members do not receive payment for anything they do for the BAP.  BAP will reimburse standard travel expenses and hotel accommodation if Council members are unable to cover these from an alternative source.

The following procedure will be implemented if necessary:

  1. In the event of no nomination/s being received by the closing date, the Nominations Sub-Committee should find at least one person to be asked to put their name forward for election
  2. Council members will be informed if no nominations have been received by the deadline and, if they wish, give names of people whom they consider suitable for the Nominations Sub-Committee to consider
  3. The Nominations Sub-Committee will comprise the current Past-President, President, President-elect and one of the Secretaries

Current Officers and Council

Elected Officers

President: Allan Young

President Elect: Kevin Fone

Past President: Jo Neill

Honorary Treasurer: Michael Browning

Honorary General Secretary: Peter Talbot

Meetings Secretary: Mitul Mehta

Secretary for Clinical External Affairs: Michael Bloomfield

Secretary for Non-Clinical External Affairs: Sarah Bailey

Elected Council Members

POST 2: Dr Tom Freeman

POST 3: Professor Rachel Upthegrove

POST 4: Dr Oliver Robinson

POST 5: Dr Maddy King

POST 6: Dr Anthony Vernon

POST 7: Dr Paul Stokes

POST 8: Professor Angela Roberts