BAP Officers and Council Members

Past Presidents

Max Hamilton, Alec Coppen, Philip Bradley, Merton Sandler, Eugene Paykel, Susan Iversen, Malcolm Lader, Brian Leonard, Stuart Montgomery, Barry Everitt, Bill Deakin, Trevor Robbins, David Nutt, Charles Marsden, Guy Goodwin, Clare Stanford, Thomas Barnes, Gavin Reynolds, Nicol Ferrier, Barbara Sahakian, Paul Harrison, Jo Neill.

We were delighted to welcome a great number of our past Presidents to a special dinner to celebrate the 40th anniversary of BAP, held at Queens’ College, Cambridge on Saturday, 19th July, 2014.

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Left to right: Bill Deakin 1994-1996, Guy Goodwin 2002-2004, Charles Marsden 2000-2002, Trevor Robbins 1996-1998, Brian Leonard 1988-1990, Eugene Paykel 1982-1984, Barry Everitt 1992-1994, Stuart Montgomery 1990-1992, Malcolm Lader 1986-1988, Merton Sandler (seated) 1980-1982, Barbara Sahakian 2012-2014, Susan Iversen 1984-1986, Thomas Barnes 2006-2008, David Nutt 1998-2000, Clare Stanford 2004-2006, Gavin Reynolds 2008-2010, Nicol Ferrier 2010-2012

Current postholders until the next AGM, July 2019.

BAP Officers

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			Allan Young

Professor Allan Young
King’s College London

			Kevin Fone

President Elect
Professor Kevin Fone
University of Nottingham

			Jo Neill

Past President
Professor Jo Neill
Manchester University

			Liz Tunbridge

Honorary Treasurer
Professor Liz Tunbridge
University of Oxford

			Peter Talbot

Honorary General Secretary
Dr Peter Talbot
University of Manchester

			Mitul Mehta

Meetings Secretary
Professor Mitul Mehta
King's College, University of London

			Jeremy Hall

Secretary for Clinical External Affairs
Professor Jeremy Hall
University of Cardiff

			Sarah Bailey

Secretary for Non-Clinical External Affairs
Dr Sarah Bailey
University of Bath

Council Members

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Dr Michael Browning
University of Oxford

Dr Tom Freeman
University of Bath

Dr Oliver Robinson
University College London

Dr Rachel Upthegrove
University of Birmingham

Professor Ciara McCabe
University of Reading

Dr Paul Stokes
King’s College London

Professor Angela Roberts
University of Cambridge

Co-Opted Council Members

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Ex-Officio Members

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Professor David Nutt
Imperial College London
Editor-in-Chief of BAP Journal of Psychopharmacology

Professor David Baldwin
University of Southampton
Chair of the Psychopharmacology Committee of the Royal College of Psychiatrists

Professor Hamish McAllister-Williams
Newcastle University
BAP Director of Education

BAP Executive Officer And Company Secretary

Mrs. Susan Chandler

The British Association for Psychopharmacology is registered in England as a Private Limited Company No 5866899. Registered Charity No. 277825. Registered Office: 36 Cambridge Place, Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 1NS.