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Robert Kerwin International Conference Bursaries

Professor Rob Kerwin was instrumental in advising, supporting and acting as mentor for numerous people early in their careers in psychopharmacology. To commemorate this, the Council of the British Association for Psychopharmacology introduced annual bursaries in 2008, to be awarded in his name.

The bursaries are available to individuals who are current Members of BAP and have held their membership for a minimum of 6 months. Applicants will be studying for a higher degree (PhD, MD) or will have been awarded such a degree in the last 3 years. Each bursary covers travel expenses and the registration fee for an international conference (excluding the BAP summer meeting), together with subsistence. The conference could be held in the UK, but should be international, and will take place between July of the current year and June of the next year.

Bursary recipients are expected to attend the BAP Summer Meeting and also write an article for the BAP Newsletter.

The Honorary General Secretary will consider likely conflicts of interest and then delegate to a number of BAP Council Members who will review nominations for the various awards. Where a BAP Council Member is requested to review a prize in which a conflict of interest arises for them (e.g. a former PhD student has been nominated) they will excuse themselves from the process and another Council Member will be asked to replace them.

Whilst Council members are not prohibited from applying for prizes, the Honorary General Secretary additionally seeks the endorsement of one of the Presidents (current, immediate past or elect), according to their expertise, and who does not have a direct conflict of interest, before any such prize is awarded to a Council Member.

We are pleased to announce that the winners of this year's Robert Kerwin International Conference Bursaries are:

Nicola Hall (University of Oxford)
"The BAP 2019 summer meeting was excellent and I particularly enjoyed the session on iPSCs and the trainee workshop. I am very honoured to be awarded the Robert Kerwin International Conference Bursary and I am excited to present my work at the SOBP meeting next year. The 2018 BAP meeting was my first psychiatry conference, so thank you all for welcoming me into the community. "

Will Lawn (University College London)
"I had a great time at the BAP’s 2019 Summer Meeting; it was stimulating, informative and lots of fun! I particularly enjoyed the Drugs & the Adolescent Brain and the What Happened to the Promise of Imaging Biomarkers for MDD symposia. I would like to thank the BAP for awarding me a Robert Kerwin bursary. I am excited to travel to New York to present data about cannabis use disorder and mental health in teenage and adult cannabis users at the Society for Biological Psychiatry’s 2020 annual meeting. Thank you!"

2019 winner(s)

2019 Winners: Nicola Hall and Will Lawn
2019 Winners: Nicola Hall and Will Lawn

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