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RCPsych/BAP Poster Prizes

The Psychopharmacology Committee of the Royal College of Psychiatrists supports two poster prizes. These will be awarded to posters which report psychopharmacological research directly relevant to clinical psychiatric practice, or in the area of clinical audit or case series illustrating an important psychopharmacological observation. We particularly encourage submissions from trainee psychiatrists with an interest in this area.

The Honorary General Secretary will consider likely conflicts of interest and then delegate to a number of BAP Council Members who will review nominations for the various awards. Where a BAP Council Member is requested to review a prize in which a conflict of interest arises for them (e.g. a former PhD student has been nominated) they will excuse themselves from the process and another Council Member will be asked to replace them.

Whilst Council members are not prohibited from applying for prizes, the Honorary General Secretary additionally seeks the endorsement of one of the Presidents (current, immediate past or elect), according to their expertise, and who does not have a direct conflict of interest, before any such prize is awarded to a Council Member.

We are pleased to announce that the winners of this year's RCPsych/BAP Poster Prizes are:
Kristi Sawyer (King's College London)
"This was the third year that I have attended the BAP summer meeting, and I thought it was the best yet. Manchester is a fantastic venue to host the event and the quality of the lectures and symposia was excellent. I particularly enjoyed the guest lecture on ketamine by Professor Carlos Zarate. As always, I left the meeting feeling inspired and excited by the emerging topics in psychopharmacology. "

Emanuele Osimo (Imperial College London)
"The BAP meeting is an event I look forward to every year. It's a formidable mix of great science, with presentations spanning preclinical and clinical neuropsychopharmacology, and of great fun, with social events and great attention to making junior scientists feel at home."

2019 winner(s)

2019 Winners: Kristi Sawyer and Emanuele Osimo
2019 Winners: Kristi Sawyer and Emanuele Osimo

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