Annual Prizes and Awards

RCPsych/BAP Poster Prizes

The Psychopharmacology Committee of the Royal College of Psychiatrists supports two poster prizes. These will be awarded to posters which report psychopharmacological research directly relevant to clinical psychiatric practice, or in the area of clinical audit or case series illustrating an important psychopharmacological observation. We particularly encourage submissions from trainee psychiatrists with an interest in this area.

We are pleased to announce that the winners of this year's RCPsych/BAP Poster Prizes are:

Beata Godlewska (University of Oxford)

Alexandra Hayes (Imperial College London)
"I really enjoyed finding out about the breadth of research being conducted in the field. It was great to meet other members and gain experience presenting my research. I’m already looking forward to next year’s meeting!"

2018 winner(s)

2018 Winners: Beata Godlewska and Alexandra Hayes
2018 Winners: Beata Godlewska and Alexandra Hayes

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