SYMPOSIUM 5: New concepts in the co-morbidity of psychiatric disorders, eating disorders and obesity.

Underlying metabolic disturbances are often ignored when treating psychiatric disorders and can even be exacerbated with treatments, but it is becoming more apparent that these metabolic issues may not arise a result of treatment, but may instead be pre-existing in psychosis.  This session echoed the theme of schizophrenia and its co-morbidity with eating disorders that […]

SYMPOSIUM 3: Microglia role in neuropsychiatric disease and its potential as a treatment target

(chaired by Valeria Mondelli & Peter Talbot)   Given that clinical, genetic and pharmacological findings indicate that inflammatory molecules and their associated pathways are enhanced in neuropsychiatric disorders such as major depressive disorder and schizophrenia, Monday morning’s symposium 3 dealt with the importance of microglia cells in these disorders. Microglia are immune cells within the […]