BAP Summer Research Internship Scheme

Who can apply?

The purpose of this scheme is for a pre-doctoral researcher (clinical or non-clinical) to get an additional 1-3 months practical research experience in the lab of a BAP member.

This scheme requires:

  1. A pre-doctoral applicant who is a training member of BAP
  2. A host who has held Full or Early Career membership of BAP for at least 2 consecutive years


  • The applicant must hold (or have applied for) a training membership of the BAP.
  • The applicant must be pre-doctoral. It is anticipated that most applicants will be undergraduates applying for a summer project between academic years, but master’s students are eligible provided they have not yet obtained PhD funding.
  • The applicant does not need to be registered at the same institution as the host.
  • Both clinical and non-clinical students are encouraged to apply.
  • Applicants can be from anywhere in the world, but note that they must independently ensure that their internship conforms to relevant immigration rules (arranging visas etc).
  • The applicant must be available to present their work at a BAP conference in the 24 months following the internship.
  • Applicants can only submit one application per round.


  • The host must be a BAP Full or Early Career member that has held membership for at least two consecutive years (encompassing the year of the application).
  • The host must be based at a research institution that is able to administer the funding for this scheme in accordance with relevant rules (e.g. adherence with relevant tax/internship legislation).
  • The host must be able to cover all the research-related costs for this fellowship and must be able to adequately supervise and support the applicant during their internship.
  • The host does not need to be based at the same institution that the applicant is currently registered at for their degree.


  • The research project should fall under the broad remit of the BAP (e.g. psychopharmacology, neuroscience, psychology or psychiatry - see Aims and Activities) and must satisfy all relevant ethical guidelines / licences.
  • The project should provide ample opportunity for training for the applicant throughout the duration of the internship (e.g. any lengthy approvals such as ethics/DBS checks/HO licences must be in place prior to commencement of the internship).
  • This funding is intended for extra-curricular research experience so the project cannot form part of a formal assessment.
  • It is expected that the research completed in this project will be presented at the BAP annual conference.

What is included

  • A lump sum stipend of £1500 to cover travel and living costs (only). The funds must be distributed in full to the applicant and cannot be used by the host for research costs.
  • A bursary (registration fees and £200 towards travel/accommodation) to attend one annual BAP Summer Meeting in the 24 months following the internship at which it is expected that the research completed for the project will be presented.

What do you need to submit?

The applicant should prepare

  1. Application:
    1. Lay summary of research project (max 250 words).
    2. Detailed research summary including timelines for the internship and what the applicant will be expected to do (max 750 words; figures and tables permitted).
    3. A statement about how this project will benefit the applicant (max 250 words).
    4. A statement affirming that this project is not related to a formal assessment and that all relevant research funding/approvals are in place (max 100 words).
  2. CV for applicant.
  3. CV for host.
  4. A signed headed letter from the host’s department affirming that they are willing and able to host the applicant and administer the internship.

These 4 documents should be combined into a single file (e.g. a PDF) and then emailed to from the host’s institutional email address before the stated deadline.

Deadline for applications: 27th March 2020