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June 2020 Newsletter
Contents: Message from the President; BAP Summer Meeting 2021; Keith Wesnes Obituary; BAP Elections 2020; BAP/Psychiatry Consortium Drug Discovery Session; BAP Psychopharmacology Award winners; Robert Kerwin Bursaries Winners; Lifetime Achievement Award; Outstanding Contribution Awards; BAP AGM; BAP Membership Subscriptions; Non-Clinical Certificate Review; The Changing Face of Psychiatry; BAP Summer Research Internship Scheme; Media Activity; Education Events

June 2020
March 2020 Newsletter
Contents: BAP Election 2020; BAP Summer Meeting 2020; Lifetime Achievement Award; 2020 in vivo Training Awards; Drug Discovery Session; 2020 Prizes and Awards; Outstanding Contribution Awards; BAP2021 Call for Symposium Proposals; Heather Ashton; Hannah Steinberg; Using creativity to talk about our research; BAP Membership Subscriptions; Ketamine 2020; BAP President’s Lecture; Media Activity; Education Events

March 2020
December 2019 Newsletter
Contents: BAP Summer Meeting 2020; BAP Election 2020; Updated Schizophrenia Guidelines; BAP President at AsCNP2019; Lifetime Achievement Award 2020; 2020 Prizes and Awards; Professor Gerald Curzon; Professor Hannah Steinberg; Are you an animal researcher? Do you know what the RSB, ASG and UKBSC are?; How confidential is your animal research Home Office project licence?; Project TWENTY21; Neuroscience@Nottingham Day; Interruption to the supply of the MOI phenelzine; Letter from CINP President; Certificate in Non-Clinical Psychopharmacology; Media Activity; Education Events

December 2019
September 2019 Newsletter
Contents: BAP Summer Meeting 2020; New Officers and Council Members; BAP Election 2020; 2019 Prize Winners; BAP Summer Meeting 2019; Psychiatry Consortium: call for proposals to be announced soon; Insomnia Guidelines; New Award for Outstanding Contribution; LASA Annual Conference 2019; Therapeutic Advances in Psychopharmacology; Oxford Short Course in Experimental Medicine for Mental Health (OxCEMM) 2020; Family stigma in mental health as a precursor of criminality – a third world experience; Certificate in Non-Clinical Pscyhopharmacology; Media Activity; Education Events

September 2019
June 2019 Newsletter
Contents: 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award; BAP Summer Meeting 2019; Dr Alec Coppen; Remembering Dr Paul Greengard; Advances in Psychedelic Medicine; BAP Election 2019; 2019 Prize Winners; Bending on the oars and straining for sunshine: an account of depression and antidepressant treatment; 2019 AGM Agenda; Membership Subscription; Certificate in Non-Clinical Pscyhopharmacology; Postdoctoral Vacancies; International College of Neuropsychopharmacology; Education Events

June 2019

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