Annual Prizes and Awards

Summer Meeting Poster Prizes

Four Prizes are awarded at the annual Summer Meeting, two for clinical and two for non-clinical posters.

We are pleased to announce that the winners of this year's Summer Meeting Poster Prizes are:
Yannis Sarigiannidis (University College London) Non-Clinical
"Taking part at the BAP 2018 was a great opportunity for me to keep up with the latest advances in mental health research from different disciplines, while at the same time receive feedback on my work from world-leading experts. I’m looking forward to BAP 2019!"

Olivia Kowalczyk (King's College London) Clinical
"This year’s BAP Summer Meeting was full of ground-breaking research and brilliant people. As an early career researcher, I particularly appreciate how welcoming the BAP is to young people. I am very grateful for the constructive feedback and the thought-provoking discussions during the poster session, and I am delighted to have been awarded a poster prize. See you all Manchester next year!"

Harry Potter (University of Manchester) Non-Clinical
"The BAP summer meeting 2018 provided a great mix of clinical and preclinical research to be presented. Unlike larger and more general neuroscience meetings, the smaller and more intimate atmosphere at BAP allowed for a much higher quality of discussion with fellow students as well as world-leading experts without the feeling of being overwhelmed by the amount of information available."

Faith Borgan (King's College London) Clinical
"Attending the BAP conference was a fantastic opportunity to meet other researchers and find out about exciting new studies that are taking place. I found it really helpful to be able to discuss and get feedback on my work from other experts in the field – particularly since I have my PhD viva coming up soon! I was honoured to have received two awards. It was lovely to feel a part of a larger scientific community that is dedicated and passionate about improving the lives of people who suffer from mental health problems."

2018 winner(s)

2018 Winners: Yannis Sarigiannidis, Olivia Kowalczyk, Harry Potter and Faith Borgan
2018 Winners: Yannis Sarigiannidis, Olivia Kowalczyk, Harry Potter and Faith Borgan

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