Annual Prizes and Awards

Summer Meeting Poster Prizes

Four Prizes are awarded at the annual Summer Meeting, two for clinical and two for non-clinical posters.

Posters are reviewed by a panel of BAP Council members and selected on the following criteria:

  1. The quality of the science, the merit of hypothesis being tested, the suitability of the experimental approach adopted, the quality of the experimental results and the analysis and interpretation of the data presented.
  2. The clarity with which the information is presented, based both on the published abstract and the final poster. Discussion with the poster presenter, where this is possible, is also taken into account.

The Honorary General Secretary will consider likely conflicts of interest and then delegate to a number of BAP Council Members who will review nominations for the various awards. Where a BAP Council Member is requested to review a prize in which a conflict of interest arises for them (e.g. a former PhD student has been nominated) they will excuse themselves from the process and another Council Member will be asked to replace them.

Whilst Council members are not prohibited from applying for prizes, the Honorary General Secretary additionally seeks the endorsement of one of the Presidents (current, immediate past or elect), according to their expertise, and who does not have a direct conflict of interest, before any such prize is awarded to a Council Member.

We are pleased to announce that the winners of this year's Summer Meeting Poster Prizes are:
Paul Marvar (George Washington University)
"This was my second BAP summer meeting and at both meetings I have thoroughly enjoyed the balance of outstanding pre-clinical, clinical and translational science that is presented and discussed on current topics of high interest and relevance to the advancement of the psychopharmacology field. The meeting also provides excellent opportunities and support for trainees and early investigators to network with esteemed colleagues."

Alessandra Borsini (King's College London)
"It has been an incredible journey for me to be able to attend the BAP meetings over the years, as it has allowed me to create long-term relationships with many senior scientists, with whom I have collaborated with during my PhD, Fellowship and postdoctoral project. Not only I have been able to present my research both as an oral and poster presentation in an expert and stimulating environment, but I have also been able to listen to the most outstanding talks in the areas of my research interest. The conference therefore has always represented an unmissable annual appointment for scientific discussions, and a perfect chance to build new networks with both junior and senior scientists. "

Steph Suddell (University of Bristol)
"Attending the Summer Meeting was a great opportunity for me to reflect on the latest developments in my research area (affective disorders), and I found it fascinating to hear findings from such a diverse range of methodologies. The discussions I had during my poster presentation were really helpful, and I have returned to my PhD work with new ideas on how to tackle my research question."

Helene Fachim (Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust)
"I always enjoy the BAP summer meetings regarding the contents, organisation and specially because the participants are very keen to discuss results and open opportunities for new collaborations."

2019 winner(s)

2019 Winners: Paul Marvar, Alessandra Borsini, Steph Suddell and Helene Fachim (not at dinner)
2019 Winners: Paul Marvar, Alessandra Borsini, Steph Suddell and Helene Fachim (not at dinner)

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