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BAP Undergraduate Awards

Launched in 2006, the BAP Undergraduate Awards are awarded to the best psychopharmacology submissions (abstract, summary statement, poster) at the annual summer meeting by undergraduate students.

The Awards provide undergraduates with the experience of attending a national scientific meeting and encourage young psychopharmacologists to pursue a research active career.

We are pleased to announce that the winners of this year's BAP Undergraduate Awards are:
Melissa Hobbs (King's College London)
"Attending the BAP Summer Meeting was a great opportunity for me to share the results of a research project performed during my medical degree. The conference was very welcoming to students and the experience has taught me a lot about how best to convey my results to fellow researchers in the psychopharmacology field. I was very pleased that my poster was selected for an undergraduate award and received valuable feedback on my research which I hope will allow me to take it further for publication. I would recommend this conference to any student with an interest in psychopharmacology."

Ben Netherwood (University of Manchester)
"This was my first time attending a BAP conference, and also my first poster presentation that did not form part of a formal degree program. Performing a wholly computation project has taught me the value of (properly) conveying my research to fellow academics – it doesn’t matter how fancy, complex or potentially even alienating the methods, if people don’t have a digestible, understandable take home message or result, then your work will all be in vain, in addition to fundamentally wasting both time and money. I am grateful that the BAP has given me a chance to progress and gain feedback on this key skill. "

Ayesha Kotecha (University of Birmingham)
"I greatly enjoyed attending the BAP summer meeting, where I presented a poster summarising the systematic review I conducted as part of my intercalated degree. It was an invaluable experience, as I was able to develop my presentation skills, and to discuss my research with fellow researchers. I also received helpful feedback on my research, and ideas for potential future research related to my topic. I would like to thank the BAP for this excellent opportunity, and would thoroughly recommend the conference to fellow medical students."

Lucy Farrow (University of Manchester)
"I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the BAP summer meeting for the first time this year, it was fantastic to see the vast array of current research into psychiatric disorders and their potential treatments. I particularly enjoyed the short orals on the new insights into the effects of ketamine and I am interested to see how this will be developed further. As this was also my first poster presentation, I was able to gain a better understanding on the best way to summarise and explain my work and was delighted that I was chosen as one of the undergraduate winners. I'd like to thank the BAP organisers and, of course, everyone in Professor Joanna Neill's lab for their advice and support."

2018 winner(s)

2018 Winners: Melissa Hobbs, Ben Netherwood, Ayesha Kotecha (not at dinner) and Lucy Farrow
2018 Winners: Melissa Hobbs, Ben Netherwood, Ayesha Kotecha (not at dinner) and Lucy Farrow

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