Annual Prizes and Awards

BAP Undergraduate Awards

Launched in 2006, the BAP Undergraduate Awards are awarded to the best psychopharmacology submissions (abstract, summary statement, poster) at the annual summer meeting by undergraduate students.

The Awards provide undergraduates with the experience of attending a national scientific meeting and encourage young psychopharmacologists to pursue a research active career.

The scheme runs as follows:

  • Undergraduate Students* will submit an abstract via the website by the deadline.
  • Undergraduate Students will also submit a one-page summary statement to at the BAP Office, describing the project work performed and indicating the contribution that they have made to the work described.
  • Deadline for submission of the abstracts and one-page summary will be one month later than that for all other abstract submissions, to enable them to have completed their studies.
  • The undergraduate student does not need to be a BAP Training Member, but must be sponsored by a Full member of the BAP.
  • The undergraduate presenter of each accepted poster will be provided with free registration for the meeting. A total of £100 towards travel and accommodation will be reimbursed after the meeting upon submission of relevant receipts to the BAP Office.
  • The best submissions (a maximum of four, based on the abstract, summary statement and poster) will be selected by the Review Panel during the Summer Meeting.
  • Awards comprise a cheque for £100 and a ticket for the conference dinner (or reimbursement if a ticket has previously been purchased).

* Undergraduate students are those enrolled on a Batchelor’s degree (or Master’s degree as their first degree) and medical students. Postgraduate students enrolled on a Master’s degree may submit their abstract according to the deadline below, but are not eligible for the Undergraduate Award. Please contact the BAP office is you are unsure of your eligibility.

The Honorary General Secretary will consider likely conflicts of interest and then delegate to a number of BAP Council Members who will review nominations for the various awards. Where a BAP Council Member is requested to review a prize in which a conflict of interest arises for them (e.g. a former PhD student has been nominated) they will excuse themselves from the process and another Council Member will be asked to replace them.

Whilst Council members are not prohibited from applying for prizes, the Honorary General Secretary additionally seeks the endorsement of one of the Presidents (current, immediate past or elect), according to their expertise, and who does not have a direct conflict of interest, before any such prize is awarded to a Council Member.

Applications are now closed.

2018 winner(s)

2018 Winners: Melissa Hobbs, Ben Netherwood, Ayesha Kotecha (not at dinner) and Lucy Farrow
2018 Winners: Melissa Hobbs, Ben Netherwood, Ayesha Kotecha (not at dinner) and Lucy Farrow

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