Bright Club

Bright Club is a group of comedy-club style events, promoting public engagement by scientists, academics and others with specialist knowledge. It began at University College London in May 2009.

Bristol Neuroscience Festival 2016

The Bristol Neuroscience Festival took place on 18th and 19th March 2016, to coincide with Brain Awareness Week.  Celebrating all things ‘Neuroscience’, the event offered visitors a fantastic timetable of short talks, hands-on activities and an art exhibition.  Volunteers from across the University and Hospitals took part with more than 150 staff and students helping […]

A return to medicinal ‘roots’?

For thousands of years plants have been utilised for their medicinal properties.  The ancient Egyptians used to take a daily tonic of garlic and honey for its apparent healing qualities, and ginger and cinnamon were commonly used to treat indigestion.