InVivoStat Statistical Analysis

Statistical Tool for all Psychopharmacologists

InVivoStat is a statistical software package designed specifically to cater for the needs of pre-clinical researchers. Based on the R language it is a free to use analysis tool that can be downloaded from

The program consists of a series of analysis modules, including:

  • Summary Statistics (mean, SEM, median etc)
  • Single Measures Parametric Analysis (t-test, ANOVA, ANCOVA)
  • Repeated Measures Parametric Analysis
  • Power Analysis (sample size calculation)
  • Graphics (means with SEMs, scatterplots, boxplots etc.)
  • P-value Adjustment (multiple comparison tests)
  • Dose Response Analysis (non-linear curve fitting)

Each module employs the same routine, datasets can be loaded from Excel and the variables are selected by drag and dropping into the variable selection boxes. Output selections are made and the analysis conducted. The output consists of a mixture of numerical statistical results, explanations of the results of the analysis and information on the methods performed.

The BAP recommends the use of advanced statistical analysis tools, such as those found in InVivoStat, when analysing data. This allows scientists to make better use of the experimental designs employed and the information collected during the course of the experiment. Ultimately this should lead to more conclusive and better informed decision making, while reducing total animal use.

InVivoStat is now used as part of the BAP Pre-Clinical Certificate (Module 3: Experimental Design 1; Statistics And Experimental Design ). Methods discussed during the theoretical lectures are applied by the delegates in an InVivoStat practical workshop. All members are invited to install the package prior to the course so that they can familiarise themselves with the InVivoStat prior to attending the workshop.

Read what has been said about InVivoStat:
“Simon Bate has had many opportunities to assess members’ needs at his statistics clinics, at the BAP summer meeting, and during Module 3 of the BAP Pre-clinical Certificate. This statistics package, which has been developed by Simon and Robin Clark, is the product of many years of thought about how best to help BAP members and other in vivo scientists design their experiments and analyse their data. Users will find that navigation of InVivoStat is straightforward and that the output is uncluttered and easy to understand. Another major benefit is that is now possible to attend training courses in statistics that use a software package that can be downloaded, free, on return to the home lab. InVivoStat was pioneered through collaboration with members of the BAP, but I am sure that word will spread quickly and that other groups of Life Scientists will soon be using this package too.” BAP Pre-clinical Certificate Course Director

“I like how the Excel file is imported into InVivoStat” Pre-clinical Certificate module 3 Delegate
“It definitely has its advantages. I like the conclusion sentence in the report” Pre-clinical Certificate module 3 Delegate
“Excellent workshop, increased confidence to use stats correctly” Pre-clinical Certificate module 3 Delegate


As with most new applications, the BAP and the authors of InVivoStat cannot take any responsibility should users encounter any problems. It is anticipated that a specific publication on InvivoStat will compare this software alongside other packages and document why this software is more appropriate for psychopharmacologists. This would serve as a validation citation. While the BAP does not envisage any risks with utilising the software, at present it is difficult to realise its potential without submitting manuscripts for publication. Importantly, users will have to sign an end user software license agreement at the point of downloading InVivoStat. Please note, by hosting a link via the website, BAP does not recommend using this application without the appropriate training (such as Pre-clinical Certificate Module 3, Statistics and Experimental Design). Nor does it endorse any other affiliated products.