in vivo Training Initiative

The aim of this scheme is to give students training and experience in in-vivo skills in psychopharmacology and related neuroscience fields. We aim to provide supervisors with some flexibility across the academic year to provide this training and to facilitate Psychopharmacology-related projects that may not have existing funding.

These applications will be supervisor led and awards must be spent by 31st July 2021. A total of 4 projects will be available with up to £5,000 available to support each project. BAP can provide animals from Envigo who have generously agreed to reduce the costs of animal purchase for this scheme.

One award was made in 2019 to Dr Steven Clapcote, School of Biomedical Science, Leeds ‘Behavioural and pharmacological characterisation of a novel neurone-specific Na,K-ATPase mutant mouse model’ – the Panel highlighted the range of in vivo behavioural tests the student will be exposed to alongside pharmacological manipulations; the Panel thought the project would provide important information in a new transgenic model with potential translational relevance for a devastating illness.

Applications are now closed for this year's round of funding. Applicants will be notified soon.