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BAP Psychopharmacology Awards

The BAP Psychopharmacology Awards are awarded annually to reward excellence in both clinical and non-clinical psychopharmacology. Previous winners have gone on to become internationally-recognised experts in their field. Nominations are reviewed by a panel of BAP Officers/Council Members, and the Awards (Certificate and £750) are awarded at the conference dinner at the annual Summer Meeting.

We are pleased to announce that the winners of this year's BAP Psychopharmacology Awards are:
Rebecca Lawson (University of Cambridge) Junior Non-Clinical
"The BAP summer meeting has been the highlight of my conference calendar for the last six years, and the 2018 conference in London was no exception.The short-oral sessions were especially excellent this year and the guest lecture from Daniel Weinberger was outstanding. The BAP means a great deal to me and I am delighted to have had my research on the computational pharmacology of autism recognised by the society with the 2018 Psychopharmacology Award prize (junior, non-clinical)."

Philip Corlett (Yale University) Senior Non-Clinical
"As someone who trained in Cambridge under Trevor Robbins and Paul Fletcher, BAP has always felt like home. I met my current Mentor and Department Chair, John Krystal, at BAP in Cambridge many years ago. Likewise, this years' meeting felt like coming home, after moving to the US to pursue my research career. I was able to re-connect with people I trained with, from my cohort, as well as more senior colleagues and friends from UK neuroscience and psychiatry. The meeting was vibrant, eclectic and very much aligned with my interests in computational psychiatry (reflected by the other award winners, keynotes and oral sessions). BAP2018 was one of the most exciting and academically satisfying meetings I've attended this year. I was delighted to find the conference in great health and to see London in the midst of a rare heatwave."

Robert McCutcheon (King's College London) Junior Clinical
"I first attended the BAP summer meeting in 2014 and have always found it to be one of the most enjoyable conferences, both from a scientific and social point of view, and it excels at bridging the divide between clinical and preclinical research. I am honoured to receive this award from the BAP, and extremely grateful to be part of an organisation that does so much to support junior scientists."

2018 winner(s)

2018 Winners: Rebecca Lawson, Phil Corlett and Robert McCutcheon
2018 Winners: Rebecca Lawson, Phil Corlett and Robert McCutcheon

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