Media Activity

Media Activity

Below are the latest media and public engagement activities of BAP members:

Apo Aporoso
Is it safe to drink kava and drive?
Apo is interviewed by ABC News Australia on the effects of kava on driving
7th August 2017

Andrew Mayers
Jeremy Hunt announces ‘major’ recruitment in mental health
Andrew has written an article for the Dorset Eye with his response to the Health Secretary's plans to recruit almost 10,000 staff to mental health posts over the next 4 years
2nd August 2017

Val Curran
A framework for a regulated market for cannabis in the UK: Recommendations from an expert panel
Professor Val Curran was interviewed by World at One on the release of the framework for a regulated market for cannabis in the UK
12th May 2017

Claire Gillan
Predicting the effectiveness of antidepressants
Dr Claire Gillan is creating an internet-based tool which could predict how effective antidepressants will be for different individuals
11th May 2017

Claire Gillan
BBC World Service: The Why Factor - Habits
Claire is interviewed about habits
8th May 2017