Media Activity

Media Activity

Below are the latest media and public engagement activities of BAP members:

Steven Marwaha
Finding solutions for treatment-resistant depression
Steven responds to a recent NICE guideline consultation which does not recommend Esketamine for patients with TRD
13th February 2020

Courtney Worrell
Inspire the Mind - Transforming the future of Clinical Trials - A brand new platform
Courtney wrote a blog for Inspire the Mind about EU-PEARL, a new project aiming to shape the future of drug development
10th February 2020

Camilla Nord
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire - Naked Scientists
Camilla was part of a panel of scientists answering audience questions about mental health disorders, brain imaging, the effect of head injuries on brains, and other neuroscience/psychiatry topics
2nd February 2020

Hip Hop Psych
Hip-hop's survival anthems: Incarceration narratives and identifying resilience factors in Maino's lyrics
Akeem and Becky wrote an article for Elsevier on Rapper Maino looking at resilience, hiphop and Mental health
1st February 2020

Barbara Sahakian
Cheap diuretic pill could help with autism symptoms
Barbara wrote an article for The Conversation about improving symptoms in autistic children with bumetanide
27th January 2020