BAP Consensus Guidelines

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Autism spectrum disorder: Consensus guidelines on assessment, treatment and research from the British Association for Psychopharmacology
Topic: Autism
Co-Authors: Oliver Howes, Maria Rogdaki, James Findon, Robert Wichers, Tony Charman, Bryan King, Eva Loth, Grainne McAlonan, James McCracken, Jeremy Parr, Carol Povey, Paramala Santosh, Simon Wallace, Emily Simonoff, Declan Murphy,

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Use of licensed medicines for unlicensed applications in psychiatric practice 2nd edition
Topic: RCPsych Report
Co-Authors: RCPsych Psychopharmacology Committee: Katherine Aitchison, David Baldwin, Thomas Barnes, Jeremy Hall, Oliver Howes, Hamish McAllister-Williams, Ahmed Shoka, Paul Stokes, Allan Young. BAP: Michael Browning, Jonas Eberhard, Paul Harrison, Peter Talbot

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British Association for Psychopharmacology consensus guidance on the use of psychotropic medication preconception, in pregnancy and postpartum 2017
Topic: Perinatal
Co-Authors: Hamish McAllister-Williams, David Baldwin, Roch Cantwell, Abigail Easter, Eilish Gilvarry, Vivette Glover, Lucinda Green, Alain Gregoire, Louise Howard, Ian Jones, Hind Khalifeh, Anne Lingford-Hughes, Elizabeth McDonald, Nadia Micali, Carmine Pariante, Lesley Peters, Ann Roberts, Natalie Smith, David Taylor, Angelika Wieck, Laura Michelle Yates, Allan Young,


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Clinical practice with anti-dementia drugs: a revised (third) consensus statement from British Association for Psychopharmacology
Topic: Anti-Dementia Drugs
Co-Authors: JT O'Brien, C Holmes, M Jones, R Jones, G Livingston, I McKeith, P Mittler, P Passmore, C Ritchie, L Robinson, EL Sampson, JP Taylor, A Thomas, A Burns. The following people also attended the meeting: M Baker, G McNamara and M Norton

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BAP Position Statement: Off-label prescribing of psychotropic medication to children and adolescents
Topic: Off-label Prescribing
Co-Authors: Aditya N Sharma, Celso Arango, David Coghill, Paul Gringras, David J Nutt, Peter Pratt, Allan H Young, Chris Hollis (declarations of interests are included in the document)

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