BAP Newsletter

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March 2015 Newsletter
Contents: Elections, Guideline Meeting Report, Summer Meeting, Members' Activities, Child and Adolescent Module, Education Events

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March 2015
December 2014 Newsletter
Contents: Merton Sandler, Ian C Reid, Towards a history of the BAP, Members’ Activities, Robert Kerwin International Bursary Report by Abbie Pringle, External Events, Online CPD Resource, Education Events

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December 2014
September 2014 Newsletter
Contents: External Event and Vacancies, 2014 Election Results, 2014 Prizes and Awards, Trainees’ Workshop at the 2014 Summer Meeting, 2014 ECNP Summer School of Neuropsychopharmacology, Members’ Activities, Online CPD Resource and Paper Reviews, Education Events

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September 2014
June 2014 Newsletter
Contents: 2014 Election, Nominee Biographies, 2014 Summer Meeting, Letter from the President – Barbara Sahakian, Nicol Ferrier, Peter Haddad, Paula Moran, Members’ Activities, Turkish Delight, Future of BAP Update, Joined Up Working, Online CPD Resource and Paper Reviews, Education Events

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June 2014
March 2014 Newsletter
Contents: 2014 Election, The Future of BAP, 2014 Summer Meeting, Prizes and Awards 2014, Joined Up Working, Brain Prize 2014, BAP in the Media, Online CPD Resource, Paper Reviews, Treating Schizophrenia 2014, Education Events

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March 2014