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Past President

Professor Jo Neill

Jo Neill

Manchester University
President-elect until 2016; President until 2018; Past-President until 2020

I have been Professor of Psychopharmacology at the University of Manchester (Pharmacy School) since 2013, and was previously a Professor at the University of Bradford. I received my BSc in Pharmacology from the University of Bath in 1986, and my PhD in Psychopharmacology from the University of Birmingham in 1990. I worked in the pharmaceutical industry at Merrell Dow, at Merck Sharp & Dohme, and at the Mario Negri Istituto di Richerche in Milan, before moving into academia.

I have been a member of BAP since 1986, a Council member since 2006, and Meetings Secretary from 2010-2013. I gave my first talk at BAP in 1987 as a “young” PhD student, and have attended most summer meetings since then. BAP has always been a great source of support, education and collaboration for me, and I welcome this opportunity to take a leading role in the Association. To this end, I will foster joint initiatives with other societies such as BNA, BPS, ECNP, and The Royal College of Psychiatrists. I will continue and expand the work that BAP does to support our junior members, ensuring continued support for the BAP mentoring scheme, bursaries, awards and post-doctoral symposium. I will strive to provide continued support for BAP’s valuable educational activities for both non- and clinical members, and enable and foster communication and collaboration between the two research communities. The Pharmaceutical Industry has always been a great support for BAP, and I will work towards enhancing our relationship with Pharma through my own research work and collaborations with new and established pharmaceutical companies.

I am currently serving on the REF panel for Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy as a full panel member. This has given me experience of serving on a committee assessing academic research, which will enable me to keep BAP involved in issues affecting UK research.

I have worked in psychopharmacology research for almost 30 years—specifically in the area of animal models of psychiatric disorders. I have established an animal model and several tests of cognitive deficit and negative symptoms in schizophrenia for evaluation of novel targets and identification of translational biomarkers. This led to establishment of a University based CRO, b-neuro ( Current animal models are in development for Autism spectrum disorder and ADHD. Although trained as an animal researcher, I’m committed to translating research from the laboratory into the clinic and am currently involved in clinical research projects investigating cognitive function, cognitive remediation and social skills training in 1st episode psychosis and ADHD patients.

I have experience of mentoring and training young researchers, and I’m fully committed to supporting our junior members. I have successfully supervised 15 PhD students, examined over 18 PhDs, and acted as referee for junior academics in the US and the UK. My research team consists of 8 PhD students, 2 research technicians, a laboratory manager and a post-doctoral researcher.

I maintain external collaborations with academics in the USA (including Harvard), Europe, UK and Pharma worldwide.

In my spare time, I enjoy coming 2nd in squash matches, being reminded of my inadequate knowledge of technology by my teenage daughters and struggling to keep up with popular music.

In summary, as President-elect, I will work to support: junior and minority BAP members, the interaction between clinical and non-clinical members, and the BAP’s relationship with other societies and the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Declaration of Interests

  1. Have you, in the past three years, had patents or inventions from which you may derive personal benefit in the area of psychopharmacology?
  2. No
  3. Have you, in the past three years, had ownership or part ownership of a company with interests in the area of psychopharmacology? (This would include holding the shares of major companies in one's own name, or those of dependent family members.)
  4. GSK family shares
  5. Have you, in the past three years, accepted a personal retainer from any company with an interest in psychopharmacology?
  6. No
  7. Have you, in the past three years, acted as a consultant to any company with an interest in psychopharmacology?
  8. Lundbeck, Otsuka and Janssen
  9. Have you, in the past three years, acted as an expert witness, either friendly or hostile, to any company with an interest in psychopharmacology?
  10. No
  11. Have you, in the past three years, held a research grant from any company with an interest in psychopharmacology?
  12. Research contracts with: Pragma, IR labs, GW Pharma, Autifony, Heptares, Roche.
  13. Have you, in the past three years, had membership of the speakers' bureau for any company?
  14. No
  15. Have you, in the past three years, accepted paid speaking engagements in industry supported symposia?
  16. janssen, Lundbeck and Otsuka
  17. Have you, in the past three years, accepted travel or hospitality NOT related to a speaking engagement?
  18. No
  19. Have you, in the past three years, recruited patients for industry-sponsored studies?
  20. No
  21. If there is anything else you feel it necessary to disclose, please provide details below:
  22. No

Form completed on 24th July 2019