Annual Prizes and Awards

BAP/Cambridge Cognition Award

This competitive, BAP Council-panel reviewed Award will enable the successful candidate to present their innovation in the form of either a poster or oral presentation at the Summer Meeting.

The Award consists of a Junior prize and Senior prize of £300 each, and the registration fee for the summer meeting will be waived.

Award application criteria and procedure

  • Applicants must be new or existing BAP members.
  • Applications must be from those residing in the UK.
  • For the Junior Prize, applicants must be PhD students or within 5 years of having achieved their PhD degree, or equivalents.
  • For the Senior Prize, applicants must be further than 6 years of having a PhD degree or equivalent.
  • BAP/Cambridge Cognition Award applicants must complete the online form, submit a CV and a 500 word summary explaining (with evidence) how their research could be applied in a medical setting.

2014 winner(s)

2014 Winners: Natalia Lawrence and Andrew Jones
2014 Winners: Natalia Lawrence and Andrew Jones

Previous Winner(s)

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