Annual Prizes and Awards

BAP Public Communication Prizes

The BAP Public Communication Prizes are awarded annually to reward excellence in both clinical and non-clinical science communication to the public in the area of psychopharmacology.

There are two prizes of £200, one for Training Members and one for Full Members. Applications should be made by individuals who have contributed to public engagement during the preceding year and should include a short curriculum vitae and summary of contribution, with hyperlinks where appropriate. Applications are reviewed by a panel of BAP Council members. The awards are presented at the conference dinner at the annual Summer Meeting.

Examples of appropriate contributions are:

  1. Articles for the public posted on the BAP website
  2. Blog activity (psychopharmacology content)
  3. Contributions to science festivals and other public events
  4. Magazine or web-based articles
  5. Television appearances
  6. Radio programmes / podcasts

* In line with the BAP aims

2016 winner(s)

2016 Winners: Julia Gottwald (prize collected by Barbara Sahakian) and Natalia Lawrence
2016 Winners: Julia Gottwald (prize collected by Barbara Sahakian) and Natalia Lawrence

Julia Gottwald (University of Cambridge)

Natalia Lawrence (University of Exeter)
"It was a fantastic conference in a great location - it was great to be right by the beach during a British heatwave and the science and socialising were interesting and fun as always. I'm always impressed at how relaxed and friendly the BAP is, which is reflected in the discussions in the symposia and the uninhibited dancing at the social events! I enjoy the friendly and stimulating atmosphere - it's the perfect opportunity to (re)connect with colleagues and friends from the UK and beyond. The science is always excellent and a great way to stay up to date (particularly in the fields of mood disorders and addiction) for my research and teaching purposes. I especially appreciate the translational aspects of the symposia, which stretch from basic preclinical work in animals to genetics, pharmacology, neuroimaging and large-scale clinical trials or epidemiological studies in humans."