Mental health, neuroscience and the wellbeing of society

publicinfo-MentalHealthPanelThe following recordings were made at the British Association for Psychopharmacology summer annual meeting 2011 during the Plenary Session on Mental Health, Neuroscience and the Wellbeing of Society. The participants were international leaders in the field of mental health, neuroscience and the wellbeing of society. The BAP was very fortunate to have not only a group of eminent speakers, but also leaders with vision for important new developments in the field. The audience feedback indicated that the talks were outstanding and there was a very high quality of discussion. As a tribute to the excellence of the speakers the audience filled the room and there was standing room only. Due to the importance of the participants’ talks and the demand by the members of the BAP we have made these recordings available. The first recording is an introduction to the panel topic and the participants, and the following recordings are the talks by the individual speakers of the panel.

Audio files (mp3)

Introduction: Professor Barbara Sahakian, University of Cambridge, President-elect of BAP [Audio]

Speaker 1: Professor David Nutt, Imperial College London, past-President of BAP [Audio]

Speaker 2: Professor Tom Insel, Director of National Institute of Mental Health, USA [Audio]

Speaker 3: Professor Barbara Mason, Scripps Research Clinic, USA [Audio]

Speaker 4: Dr John Williams, Head of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Wellcome Trust [Audio]

Speaker 5: Dr Gavin Malloch, Programme Manager for Mental Health and Addiction, Medical Research Council [Audio]

Speaker 6: Dr Mark Tricklebank, Director and Senior Research Fellow, Eli Lilly & Co [Audio]

Speaker 7: Dr. Jeffrey Nye, Global Head of External Innovation for Neuroscience, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson

Discussion: Facilitated by Professor Verity Brown, St Andrew’s University [Audio]

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