SYMPOSIUM 5: New concepts in the co-morbidity of psychiatric disorders, eating disorders and obesity.

Underlying metabolic disturbances are often ignored when treating psychiatric disorders and can even be exacerbated with treatments, but it is becoming more apparent that these metabolic issues may not arise a result of treatment, but may instead be pre-existing in psychosis.  This session echoed the theme of schizophrenia and its co-morbidity with eating disorders that […]

Post-Doc Symposium 1: What can animal behaviours really tell us about human cognitive and emotional processes?

The amount of preclinical data being presented at the BAP Summer Meeting has been dwindling over the years, in favour of clinical and non-clinical human research.  This post-doctoral symposium was put together by myself and Dr Claire Hales from the University of Bristol to showcase preclinical work and to highlight the importance of using translational […]