BAP at Cheltenham Science Festival 2018 – PTSD: 100 Years On

Whether it is soldiers in combat or survivors of car accidents, post-traumatic stress disorder can be devastating.  How far has our understanding of the disorder advanced and how can those affected continue to be better supported? Professor Judith Pratt, Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow Noting that 2018 was 100 […]

BAP at Cheltenham Science Festival 2017

Big Data and Mental Health How BIG DATA is helping to unravel the complexity of our mental wellbeing ‘From mood tracking apps and websites, to survey data and digital libraries, our individual behaviours are being collated and mapped, revealing startling new insights into mental illness’ Dr Sally McMannus reporting for the English Mental Health survey; […]

BAP at Cheltenham Science Festival  

BAP President Prof  Paul Harrison, Psychiatrist and writer Dr Linda Gask and Neuroscientist and BAP Treasurer Dr Liz Tunbridge addressed a packed house at the Cheltenham Science Festival on 8th June.  This BAP sponsored event, chaired by Cheltenham Science Festival Chair, Professor Mark Lythgoe, explored genetic and environmental factors in mental health conditions.