Symposium 5 – From neuro-receptor binding to brain function: translational value of multimodal approaches in psychopharmacology

Many techniques are currently available to look at systems-level function in the brain, but all have their limitations. For example, PET provides a precise measure around a specific receptor of interest, however, there are many receptors for which we don’t have ligands that bind to them. Many drugs also have multiple targets and may be […]

SYMPOSIUM 9 – Novel therapeutic uses of cannabinoids

On Wednesday morning I attended the session “Novel therapeutic uses of cannabinoids” chaired by Prof Jan Ramaekers (Maastrict). Over recent years the therapeutic use of cannabis have gained increasing interest but there is a lack of clinical data to support whether cannabis/cannabinoids are effect for many disorders, and yet increasingly, cannabis based medicines can be […]

Short Orals 2 – From connections to cells and back again

Dr Ellis Onwordi from London kicked off this session with a clear presentation on the synaptic dysfunction hypothesis of schizophrenia. Previous research has already reported lower dendritic spine density in schizophrenia. With the current work, Dr Onwordi detailed a novel approach to directly test this hypothesis in vivo, using PET with a new radioligand called […]