Psychopharmacology award winners’ short orals

This year’s psychopharmacology award winners all came from King’s College London (KCL). Annamaria Cattaneo is this year’s non-clinical junior award winner. She presented work studying the interplay between genes and environmental factors that lead to increased vulnerability to mental illness and specifically depression in later life. To do so, she used transcriptomic and miRNomic analyses […]

SYMPOSIUM 3: Behavioural and substance addictions: Similarities and differences

What constitutes an addiction? The session “Behavioural and substance addictions: Similarities and differences”, at the 2017 meeting of the British Association for Psychopharmacology, raised this question. Sam Chamberlain of Cambridge, Anna Goudriaan of Amsterdam, Brian Odlaug of Copenhagen, and Jon Grant of the University of Chicago presented. Addiction has historically referred to compulsive drug taking […]