Psychiatric drug discovery

There is an ongoing crisis in the field of psychiatric drug discovery. Mental illnesses are the leading cause in the global disease burden (1), but there is a lack of novel drugs to treat psychiatric illnesses. Despite a large investment in drug discovery, nothing new has been discovered in the past few decades. Most drugs currently used are drugs, similar to […]

The History of the BAP

In this article we briefly review the history of the BAP since its formation in 1974 to its current position as the largest national psychopharmacology association in Europe and the second largest in the world.  We also highlight its main activities.

BAP at Cheltenham Science Festival  

BAP President Prof  Paul Harrison, Psychiatrist and writer Dr Linda Gask and Neuroscientist and BAP Treasurer Dr Liz Tunbridge addressed a packed house at the Cheltenham Science Festival on 8th June.  This BAP sponsored event, chaired by Cheltenham Science Festival Chair, Professor Mark Lythgoe, explored genetic and environmental factors in mental health conditions.